As the Coach (Music-based Learning), I visit different Freedom English Academy centers and use the medium of music to engage students to communicate and articulate in English. Implicitly, I endeavor to instill positive attitude and habits of mind.

One day, when I was at the Basti Vikas Kendra center while discussing the word ‘inspire’ with students, I chanced to lay my gaze on the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the wall. I asked the students, “Does he inspire you?”. Some responded in affirmative while others were non-responsive. Then I named a few more prominent persons. Even then, I could not get a universal response. Then I asked, “Does your facilitator inspire you?” Boom! Instantaneously and unanimously, at the top of their voices, the students said, “Yes!”

It’s not the case with only this center, but at almost all the centers the students love their facilitator. Our facilitators do not just teach but counsel, guide and help the students mould their personality and life. Our facilitators make their students realize and actualize their own uniqueness.

The bonding between the facilitator and the students is so strong and sweet that most of the facilitators, even when they are unwell and are advised rest, report to their centers because of the love and affection of their students. Their student’s love energizes them. Some of the facilitators even take up extra sessions and organize parent-teacher meet even on holidays. They do not perceive it as duty but as responsibility.

At a few centers, the facilitator wears the additional hat of parent and counselor.

So, here is a video showing that unique bond – their smiles are eloquent.

Soumya Appalabathula
Coach (Music-based Learning)