Sometimes, smiles on students’ faces make us feel like millionaires. Sometimes, success of others makes us feel happier than our own success. Sometimes, a small efforts on our part can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Accumulation of such small moments makes for a beautiful life.

I would like to share one such moment. There is a student, let us call him R, who always pronounced “SH’’ as ‘’S”. For example “English “as “Englis, “Sharma” as “Sarma” and so on. No matter what the facilitator or I did, R. just could not overcome the MTI (mother-tongue influence) to pronounce it correctly.

When I went for music session to this center, I made everyone sing any 2 stanza of the given song.  R. raised his hand and asked me permission to sing. His peers started sneering and his sister tried to hold him back. He did not mind being mocked at. With no fear and confidence in his heart he got up to sing. The moment he sang the second line the class went silent. The line was “I SEE YOUR TRUE COLORS SHINING THROUGH”. The word ‘shining’ was pronounced correctly for the first time. The class broke out in applause. He looked at me and said, “ Sir, I will sing this song to my English teacher at school.” I noticed, with a smile in my heart, that he had pronounced even ‘English’ correctly.

At the end of the session as students were about to leave, R. asked me, “Sir, can I hug you?” I was overwhelmed as he hugged and thanked me.

That moment made me realize that things I do for myself will be gone when I die, but things I do for others will live on as my legacy.


Avishek Singh

Coach (Music-based Learning)

CLEVELAND, Ohio aIf you got boys and girls available on mid university, chances are you may already know an estimated musical. Ly, the very video ethnic networking, and its refreshing spinoff, live. Ly. But are currently any of these applications protect to get boys and girls?

Here’s the very rundown. What’s musical. Ly?

Musical. Ly, the very Shanghai-based social-media networking, is also super popular with young people after which preteens. Reviews available on app’s range of associates change from 60 million to 120 million. Regardless, millions of boys and girls are employing that it which is called 15-second videos of themselves singing, lip-syncing after which dancing. The very app, which was printed available on 2014, is also completely free to get Apple after which Android health supplements. Associates, or “Musers” simply because lovers of those app come into contact with themselves, will probably follow fund to keep up tabs up the favorite artists. Mega-popular superstars, concerning Ariana Grande after which Selena Gomez, utilize the app. Musers will probably want to have posts, comment, ask questions and invite visitors to discharge duets. They can flat talk about his / her musical. Ly article available on some other ethnic drive platforms, after which like the majority of of those platforms, musical. Ly is also hashtag centric. Last year, the very #DontJudgeChallenge proceeded to go viral attributable to musical. Ly’s musers. The very ethnic drive marketing campaign was apt to get over study shaming, according to MTV, but flat do the opposite as of reinforcing aesthetic “ideals. “

Musical. Ly associates shared videos of themselves shopping for “ugly” and at eyeglasses, pimples, gap dental, thick eyebrows after which are exposed to hair. View the very video in excess of to ascertain a number of the #DontJudgeChallenge, after which realize that video will bring nearly 120 million destinations available on YouTube. Essentially, musical. Ly lets its own associates to go to town available on an exceptionally creative trick. But lots of the app’s associates are currently young. In fact, 1 whether or not its own most efficient stars, Jacob Sartorius, is also 13. He will bring in excess of 10 million lovers up the app. To download after which sign up for the very app, associates have to be at the minimum 13. But why don’t turn into real, it is not rough to sleep an estimated how old you are available on the world wide web. What’s live. Ly?

Live. Ly, the very live-streaming video app, is also pretty refreshing. It had been printed in may after which racked up in excess of 2 million downloads available on 4 weeks. Simply because we have all followed, there is a traveling taking a stand to get live-streaming ethnic drive and at Twitter’s Periscope after which Facebook Live. Simply because musical. Ly focuses on songs, live. Ly will bring musers completely free reign on how they would like to show lovers after which lets musers to talk to lovers suddenly. Musers can pick away from several different categories, concerning make-up, life time, sing, dance, and so forth. , to mark in their live videos. So are any of these applications protect for your mid schoolers?

Likely. But the rough side is also your choice. You will want to ensure that your young man disables gap service provider for the app available on his / her mobile phone controls. After that during the app, you will want to discharge three tabs during the app settings:

On its own friends will probably immediate. Ly me

Cover up gap guide

Confidential was feeling

In the first place available on live. Ly, associates sign available on off their musicl. Ly was feeling, therefore the planning tastes will probably are still the same for the live-streaming app. To get live. Ly, stress and anxiety the very need for attaining intelligent while using the app. Live streaming is also precisely what that it sounds like; your own body’s young man will be go on the world wide web, devoid of the capability to edit the very video just before other companies see it. Gap of those live-stream is also functional as it can serve off information regarding exactly where your own body’s young man lives after which spends time. Here’s one more step to keep in mind. Musical. Ly is also certainly a young music-based app, however, not all of the songs are currently young man friendly. You might get tens of thousands of song categories to select from after which what seems want how to get more likes to have millions of songs, so your young man likely has not been apt to turn into singing Disney songs.

The young members of the Freedom English Academy (FEA) supervisory team have the unenviable job of getting ground staff to adhere to policies/programs; troubleshoot; nurture and enable them; execute innovations and be the eyes, ears and limbs of the organization – a tall order even for Hercules! This can be physically, emotionally and spiritually strenuous at the best of times.

They work extensively and implicitly on personal and professional development of those in their charge. That can chip their edges and deplete their reservoir of stamina, perseverance and strategies. Therefore, replenishment and rejuvenation needs to be a regular feature to keep this team motivated and focused. Limiting as it can be, we had been doing this in-house. Till last week.

On December 26, Ashish Trivedi very magnanimously spent a whole day interacting with our team of young facilitators, mentors, nurturers and supervisors. Although he did not know about our program and people except for what is posted on website, the learning curve of FEA team was steep- something that was anticipated given Ashish’s credentials and persona. And they seem to have been rejuvenated beyond belief.

Ashish shared some of the precious and forthright thoughts on what excites our young Turks about their work:

….meet very good people and learn new things from them.”
….students’ interaction and results excites me to work hard.”
….continuous learning.”
….teaching and learning simultaneously.”
….uncertainty of what kind of students might come in.”
….respect of my students.”
….seeing people try to speak English for the first time.”
….learning during trainings.”
….a good relationship with my students.”

If excitement is one side of the ‘work’ coin, anxiety is the other. Some of the things that makes our staff anxious are:

… vocabulary.”
….support from my team.”
….traveling to difficult areas.”
….being emotional about students.”
….lack of cooperation from some parents.”
….managing students.”
….effective role-modeling.”
….help students overcome shyness to talk.”
….be impartial to my students.”

Based on these undiluted thoughts of our foot soldiers, I reconstruct the prism of my work for 2014.


Payal Mahajan

Head of Training & Curriculum