There is a very simple formula if you are not able to do something. Start to pretend that you can and that you are doing well. Soon it will become real and you will enjoy it. If you have fear of speaking in public, just pretend that you have no such fears and that you enjoy public speaking. After some time it will be real. If you feel hesitant, just behave as if you are confident and, believe me, very soon you will not be hesitant. Once you have the initial confidence that is necessary to believe that you can do it, you work to get better at whatever it is that you are faking.

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Let me give you a real life example -

There was a boy who was very shy and could not talk in presence of other people. He liked to stay alone and whenever he had to hold conversation with others, he shivered and stammered. Then, he joined Freedom English Academy (FEA) in March 2015 as a student. F.E.A was a life changing platform for him. He was learning not only English but also how to behave for success. He was taught to become a self-motivated person. He soon began to fight with his fears. In the beginning, he spoke in front of others shaking and shivering, but pretending that he was doing fine. With regular participation and practice his fears began to fade away.

The boy who could not speak in presence of another person, now speaks confidently in front of many people, everyday.

I thank my facilitator,

Who boarded me in elevator.

The elevator of success,

Where I had all the access

To all that was not weak.

So I started to speak.

I am still in the elevator.

And now I am also a facilitator.

And yes, that boy is me.

Remember faking is the first step that gets you in. It must built upon it, with effort and introspection, for fake to become and stay real.

Deepak Verma


FEA Kheriya Mor (Agra)