“I don’t know what I am doing”. “I am not sure where I’m heading”. I have no clue what to do next”. Those are just a few examples of how we feel when we are uncertain about our next move and the only thing we think is “I am stuck”. This is that feeling when you don’t know how to get a move on it. I felt that way many  times in my life when I reached a point where my progression stalled. I wished that someone who was wiser and more experienced would just tell me what to do next. To be honest, I did not always have that “someone” to reach out to ask for help or advice. With time I realized that sometimes you’ve to make your way without much help from others to gain something you need. Every effort teaches you important lessons and prepares you for the next storm.

What kind of efforts?


1. Clear your thoughts every day: If you want to get unstuck, nothing is more effective than encouraging yourself. So, the foremost effort is to clear your thoughts and map your goals. The more the uncertainties, the more are the difficulties. Living with uncertain thoughts takes much of your energy, worrying about things that might or might not occur. The famous proverb “God helps those who help themselves” fits precisely here. If you sow a seed of uncertainty and dejection, the next day you reap the same. Similarly, if you sow a seed of hope and resilience, you reap the same next day.


Lesson learned: This self-talking helps clear some of the fog out of your vision enabling you to set clearer expectations for yourself and others who can help.


2. Take baby steps toward your goal every day: No matter how discouraged you feel, but any tiniest task or activity which you think takes you closer to your goals should be done every single day. Be it talking to people, reading, acquiring knowledge, or understanding process. In my case, when the last time I felt stuck in achieving my goal, I started communicating more. I flailed around, attempted to expand my network of people who are in the similar work area that I was targeting. While some responded, others did not. Some offered motivation, few were discouraging. With a mix of positive and negative responses, I ended up clearing some of the stones from my path. As a result, I made new friends, found mentors, got an opportunity to shadow someone’s work that I envisioned for myself. Another contact led me to a freelancing opportunity that helped hone my skill and to build my portfolio.


Lesson learned: Nothing happens overnight and things happen gradually, more often than they happen quickly. After all, baby steps are still steps!


3. Harbor a hobby: Our brain is a very efficient organ. If used properly, it has the power to change you and your life. Keeping a hobby helps you de-stress, discover yourself, bolster morale and build your confidence. Hobbies require creativity and creativity helps you experience newer things in life. Reading has always been my savior. I read anything, no particular genre or type of subject. Reading makes me feel empowered to an extent that my worries appear smaller to me.


Lesson learned: Attach yourself to something you love to do and let yourself merge into it. Our ability to sail through difficult times while entertaining ourselves adds more values to our purpose.



Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe