When you look around you, you may see that other people have achieved a lot. And you may think that, compared to them, you are behind. And nothing to be proud of. No, that’s wrong.

Because what you’re comparing against is not correct. To keep it simple, let’s compare you and me. I am your mentor, which means that I have achieved a lot. How did I do it? Did I do it on my own, or did I have much help?

Let’s start with my grandmother (dadi), who lived with us in a joint family. She was born around 1890 in rural Rajasthan. Quite a backward place at that time. But she was literate – at a time when less than 1% of Indian women were literate. So, that put her in the top 1% right away!

My grandmother. 1979. Jaipur.

Then, my mother. She was born around 1920, and was a typical housewife. For example, she used to stitch all the clothes for her children when they were young. Hang on a minute. She was not a typical housewife of those times. She was fluent in English, and could teach some algebra and geometry to her children!

Because my grandmother and mother were accomplished, you can see that I grew with an enormous advantage. Education and learning came naturally, and I became successful in my school, college, and job. But, how much of it due to me? I did work hard, but my success is mainly due to my family background.

Now, let’s look at you. For sure, you didn’t get such a boost from your family background. Your parents have brought you up well. But, it’s not the same. Given their circumstances, they could not give you the boost I got. Yet, you are progressing.

You are standing on your own feet, while, right from birth, I was already high up on a ladder created by my family background.

So, it makes no sense to compare yourself to someone who had this family boost. Instead, ask yourself: Am I making a big effort to get ahead?

I will answer that question for you. Indeed, you are making a big effort. And, you are smart enough to know that a boost will help you. That’s why you have joined FEA.

But, FEA doesn’t give you a boost, like getting an injection. Here, you have to earn your boost by hard work and persistence! FEA + Your Hard Work + Your Persistence. This is a formula for success. Most of this formula is You.  And that’s what you should be proud of!

You will be successful. Sometimes, it comes later in life. I cannot say what form your success will be and when it will come. But, I know that in your old age (yes, you will grow old, trust me), you will see your children even more successful! They will be doing much better than you because you will give them a powerful boost. And, they will be proud of you – even more than I am proud of you.

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