Have fun

In India, it is common for older people to urge younger people to study hard, work a lot, be courteous, and whatnot. You know what I am talking about. Let me add one more item to this long list.

Have some fun! Enjoy your life!

You are young. This is the time when it is easier to have some fun in your life.

I know you have to work hard to achieve your aims. And you may be short of time since you probably have other responsibilities. Still, find some time to have fun, specially with friends. The friends you have now will last you your lifetime. At this age, fun is still cheap. One of the FEA students told me that he likes to go with his friends on bicycle day trips to nearby places. Or, you can just play card games together.

But, don’t overdo it. Keep a balance between your responsibilities and fun. This balance will make it easier for you to meet your responsibilities.

Do some learn-fun

What is learn-fun? Is this even a proper word? No, it’s a word that I made up. It means fun that also helps you learn. I am talking here about logical thinking, not learning a subject. Suppose you play chess. Then, it’s fun for you. It also forces you to think logically on your own – which is something many of us miss out in our schooling.

These days, my learn-fun activity is solving Sudoku puzzles. These puzzles do have numbers, but you don’t need any mathematics to solve them. Just logical thinking. They come in different levels of difficulty. I can generally solve puzzles rated as Medium difficulty in 20 minutes. I am able to solve only about 20% of the Hard puzzles I try – but I keep trying. Once, I got the solution to a Hard puzzle after trying to solve it for three days.

A “Hard” Sudoku puzzle

Why do I keep trying to solve puzzles that I find hard to solve? Mainly because it keeps forcing me to think logically. And, of course, when I do crack a Hard puzzle, I feel like I have climbed Mt. Everest!

For learn-fun, use your smartphone

Fortunately, learn-fun is cheap these days if you have a smartphone. There are so many free apps for chess and Sudoku. And there are so many other free logic-based free apps available. You have plenty of free choices.

And, you can go beyond logic to improve your command of English words. In the old days, people, including me, used to do crosswords – just for fun. These days, one of my friends plays the free version of a game called Wordscapes. You have to make words from some 5-10 letters they give you, and the words have to fit into a format.

What type of fun? Which type of learn-fun? That’s up to you.

Work vs. fun or work-fun?

When you work, your employer pays you. They pay because most people don’t like to work, and workers want money if they are going to work. And then they try to have some fun or rest on their days off. It’s work vs. fun.

Long ago, a wise man said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is work as fun, or work-fun.

Many of us are not so lucky – we have to take the job we get, and not the job we want or love. However, you have many more choices than my generation (people born before 1960) did because India has changed.

So, you should consider choosing a career for yourself that has a good balance between work and fun, and possibly leaning towards work-fun.

This type of career will make you more productive at work. And you will avoid work-related stress, which means you and your family will be happier!

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