The most fundamental of all skills are personal life skills which are related to self-care and staying healthy in body and mind. These skills helps you manage the activities and challenges of everyday life effectively. Although most of the personal skills are intangible, several scientific empirical studies have validated their effectiveness. . Practicing these skills can improve all areas of your life, from your work to your relationships. They allow you to handle things wisely, from processing your emotions more effectively to interacting with others. As people with strong personal skills are aware of themselves and their surroundings, they are likely to lead a happy life. Some of the important personal life skills are given below:


A)    Positive Thinking ( Optimism)
Whatever human minds dwell upon expands, therefore think about joyful events, happy thoughts, positive outcomes regardless of what happened or whatever is happening right now.  Release negative thoughts, pushing them out of your consciousness and memory. Practice thinking positive, happy events, small achievements, and good memories.  Optimistic attitude  motivates you towards happy, healthy successful living.

B)    Gratitude
Be thankful daily for everything you have,  such as being alive, having water, food, clothes, shelter, personal possessions, and  friends and family. There are hundreds of things to be grateful about. The more you are grateful, the more goodness and abundance you will continue to receive.

C)    Forgiveness
Many of us continue to remember negative thoughts and incidents which may have been caused either by us or by others or the combination of both.  Negative thoughts pollute and poison our minds. and affect our physical and mental well-being.Therefore, it is important to learn from past incidents, let go, move on, and forgive yourself and others for your mental health and well-being. Regularly practice forgiveness  to regain energy, purpose, and motivation for the future.

D) Persistence/Perseverence/Determination
Persistence is the topmost proven attribute for  achieving goals and success. Persistence even beats intelligence and talents for healthy, happy, successful living. Practice daily to build persistence as a skill even when you hit difficult hurdles and the going gets tough. During such times pause for a while, gather hope, determination & muster courage to push yourself forward. Determination has taken living beings across continents,  to the moon and hopefully to mars by 2030.  Always remember: Never, Never, Never Give up!

E) Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem
Whenever you feel small as compared to the unending Universe, think that your body is made up of trillions of cells and requires hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen for functioning, the same elements which created the stars and the galaxies. To stay motivated,  read motivational stories, watch  motivationalvideos and carry on with your efforts with redoubled determination. Always remember if you think you can, you will.


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