“Through our thoughts and words, we are constantly giving operating instructions to trillions of cells in our bodies and minds, thereby creating our reality. By being observant, we can change our present and our future “(quotation translated from the Vedas of 7000 yrs. back). Subsequently other civilizations, countries and cultures have discovered and highlighted the immense benefits of using positive affirmations for transforming lives. Many modern-day scientists and psychologists are also conducting detailed studies and have verified that positive affirmations can overwrite negative belief systems within our subconscious minds and by using affirmations we can improve our thought process, our behavior and increase productivity and happiness tremendously.

While growing up you acquired many limiting thoughts and beliefs, and many negative thoughts are hidden deep inside your subconscious mind. To improve and change you must overwrite all limiting beliefs with powerful, positive thoughts and affirmations. Refer to these positive affirmations below and read these out softly every day before going to bed and upon awakening in the morning:

Say these beneficial affirmationsclarly, softly (regardless of what may be happening in your life):

I am successful, I am confident, I am strong, I am radiant, intelligent and smart, Every day in every way I am getting better and better, All that I need is within me right now, I keep motivated through the day and every day, I am an unstoppable force of nature, I am living with abundance, I make correct efforts and good things come to me, working is fun &I easily learn new things , I am rising above thoughts that  try to make me angry or afraid or sad, Today is a fantastic day, I am pushing out negativity from my life and pulling in positivity, I am filled with focus and concentration, I am not pushed by problems but led by my dreams, I am grateful with all that I have in my life, I am independent and self-sufficient, I can do whatever I want in life and I will succeed. Keep on reading positive affirmations for at least 21 days (about 3 weeks) and notice benefits by feeling more positive, self-confident, strengthened, empowered to strive towards your goals smoothly.

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